Torres News

The Torres News is a weekly newspaper published from the Torres Strait administrative centre of Thursday Island every Wednesday.

The newspaper, of which 3,000 copies are printed per edition, is 100% fully paid with a cover price of $2.00 and is distributed across all inhabited islands of the Torres Strait and throughout the five communities of the Northern Peninsula Area (NPA) of Cape York. About 300 copies a week are sold in Cairns, with another 300 copies per week mailed across Australia.

The readership of the Torres News is majority indigenous (about 80%), with the newspaper operating as an effective medium for the transfer of information to and from the Torres Strait Islander and Cape York Aboriginal People of Australia.

The Newspaper is tabloid-size and is printed in full colour. 

*According to the results of a recent survey carried out by Queensland Health of Torres Strait and NPA households, 96% of respondents read Torres News.

*Also An independent report comissioned by the Torres Strait Regional Authority (TSRA) concluded that with regard to the most effective communication medium ..."service providers, both community-based and Government ... preferred to use Torres News". 

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