5 Characteristics of a Top Warehouse Provider

We have compiled a list with five key characteristics that help warehouse providers stand out. Continue reading to find out more about:

  1. Warehouse layout and physical size
  2. Australia: Location
  3. Safety and security for workers
  4. Service guarantees
  5. You can scale up or down as you need it

Let’s now look at what makes a warehouse provider a leader. These are all relevant to your business. You’ll need to adjust your expectations and requirements to meet your company’s needs. The 3PL should be happy and able to make these adjustments for you.

Your SKUs will be sized and laid out to suit your needs

Some aspects of choosing a warehouse provider that is top-notch for your business are simple. Let’s begin with the layout and the size of the warehouse.

For protecting and supporting your products, warehouse design and layout are crucial. A facility that can handle your products is essential. You might need conveyors that can move heavy items quickly or forklifts to lift pallets. Large racking is also needed for bulkier items. 3PLs that work with similar products will be able to train and implement the necessary procedures to safely store, pick and pack orders.

Product safety is also affected by the size of the warehouse. Warehouse aisles should be large enough to hold heavy equipment such as forklifts and large carts. Ask about dock doors and loading bays to find out how much space you will receive for your inbound freight. You should have enough space for workers to load and unload your goods, without risking that they will mix up with inventory from another customer.

You may have shipping ideas that your 3PL can help you cut down on. A familiar partner with your products and business can help you reduce shipping costs, negotiate rates or improve delivery last-mile.

Although shared warehouse spaces are quite common, it is important to be careful and avoid making mistakes. You can be sure that you will have enough space, that you won’t have to pay extra for space that you don’t need and that each SKU has its slotting location. Ask about insurance for the warehouse provider. Insurance policies cover your products. However, safety features for larger warehouses will need to be matched according to their size. For example, higher-capacity fire suppression systems may be required.

Warehouse providers can support your business

There are several reasons why a warehouse provider may offer different locations. One reason is obvious: Multiple warehouses can reduce shipping distances, which speeds up fulfillment and lowers last-mile cost. Locations can help you reduce expenses. 3PLs will be able to lower their rent, taxes and labor costs. For example, choosing Utah over California can help your business save significant money without affecting fulfillment capabilities.

Shipping options are also affected by the location. A warehouse is better if it has easy access to interstates and highways and nearby air hubs and cities. These enable you to quickly move your goods and expedite orders. You can also have local experts at your warehouse provider and those from regional and major carriers.

We’ve all realized that we want variety in order fulfilment options over the years. This could mean having access to rail and ports, space for trucks and gates, and various carriers to handle shipments far and near.

Safety and security record of warehouse provider

Red Stag Fulfillment loves to have fun. As orders are being picked, packed and shipped, you’ll find laughter and jokes all around our warehouse. We don’t take any chances regarding the safety and security in our facilities, products, people, and systems. We constantly review security and backup systems to make sure we have a state of the art security system that has multiple redundancies.

Red Stag Fulfillment designed the facility to protect operations and minimize downtime. This starts with background checks, a clean warehouse and uniformed employees. We then follow up with integrated capabilities, servers and a hosting provider that has a 100% uptime record. Everyone involved has access to our platforms and physical locations. This is for their benefit and security.

Red Stag also offers the following features:

  • Warehouse has 24-hour security monitoring
  • Multiple power sources and backups are available for order tools, security servers and order management.
  • Multiple backup providers and off-site data storage
  • All ingress and exit locations have metal detectors
  • Login to your business account using user-specific permissions
  • Multiple Internet connection options are available, including multiple providers, to keep us connected during local disruptions

Guaranteed Warehouse Provider Protection for your Needs

Your warehouse provider should be there to support your business and protect it. These considerations include reducing inventory losses, order processing speed, and getting orders out the doors on time. We are committed to providing the best selection in the industry and take our guarantees very seriously.

Red Stag Fulfillment offers several guarantees, including:

  • Accurate Receiving: We will receive your shipment within two business days of unloading it at our facility.
  • Zero shrinkage: We will pay the wholesale price of any item lost or damaged after it arrives at our facility.
  • Fast processing: All orders are shipped within 24 hours of your choosing service level.
  • Correct orders: We guarantee that 100% of your orders are accurate. We will pay the shipping cost and charge you an error fee if they don’t.

These guarantees are valid for every partner. These guarantees are not tied to a certain number of SKUs or a certain size. No long-term contract is required, there are no setup fees or account management charges, and you have high-quality security for each product and order.

We are ready to scale with you today

Your warehouse provider should help you manage supply chain operations and operations volatility. This includes being able to respond quickly to threats and disruptions, but also taking advantage of the key opportunities that present themselves. You should be able to leverage your partner’s flexibility to grow.

Ask your potential 3PL about their ability scale up or down. Can they offer cubic storage pricing so that you only pay what you use? Are they constantly expanding and building new warehouses? Are they able to expand their warehouses and stock more frequently?

Find a partner who can provide the space you need. Ask them how they can help your business scale up or down. Find out how they work with partners to help you understand your needs and foster long-term growth. Red Stag Fulfillment provides these and other support to enable our partners to adapt and meet customer demands, even in turbulent times like 2021 or the holiday rush.

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