How do you craft effective messaging?

It is important to include many types of marketing emails in your email marketing strategy. This will allow you to stay in touch with your customers. Feedback- and Review-focused emails are the best to help a business achieve its expansion goals. They allow customers to tell business owners how they want to grow their business and provide social proof. We will walk you through each email and show you how to make it work for your ecommerce store.

Feedback Emails: Learn what your customers think

Customers are asked to send feedback emails asking for their opinions on their experience with your ecommerce store. This could be about the products, delivery, purchase, or other aspects. Feedback emails can provide valuable information on what your business does well, what could be improved, and suggestions for expansion from the most important source: the people who decide whether your business sinks.

When should feedback emails be sent?

It is best to send feedback emails when a customer has purchased from your site. Suppose you are specifically asking about the customer’s shopping experience (i.e. It’s a good idea to send feedback emails and the order confirmation email. It’s best to ask them about their whole experience, from purchase to delivery to receiving the product. Then send the feedback email a few days later.

How can you encourage feedback?

Sometimes it is easy for recipients not to respond to feedback emails or not to feel obliged to do so. You can take some actions to encourage customers to respond to your feedback emails.

  • Incentivize them: Do they have a rewards programme? You can offer recipients a set amount of rewards points for filling out your feedback form. You can also incentivize recipients with a $5 credit towards their next purchase or entry into a monthly drawing to win a prize.
  • Make your customers feel invested in your company. Customers will be motivated to give feedback if they feel it helps improve the business. Customers will feel that you care about improving the experience, even if it was disappointing.
  • Make sure you have a clear CTA. Hyperlinks are easy to lose in an email’s text. Your recipients will find it easier to embed your feedback form/questions in the email. This will make it much simpler for them and save them the effort of clicking off the page. You can also include a link directly to the feedback form if you don’t have these capabilities.

How do you craft emails asking for feedback?

You don’t need to make your feedback emails long and fancy, although they can be if you wish them to. All that is required is to communicate that you want the recipient to give their opinion. These are some guidelines to help you create your feedback email.

  • Clearly and concisely state your purpose: Say in one or two sentences that you want to gather feedback from customers. You don’t want to make your email too long.
  • Personalize it by adding the recipient’s first name. Personalization makes customers feel more special and can increase their willingness to do what you ask. Include the recipient’s name in the subject line.
  • Stand out with your subject line: Customers may glance over many emails in their inboxes and choose to ignore yours. It’s crucial to have a catchy subject line that sparks their interest. You can also mention any incentives you offer in the subject line.


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