Promoting your online business is easy with low-cost methods

Online business is a great alternative to a brick-and-mortar store. This allows you to keep your prices low and maximize profits. You can also focus on your business in a way that a physical storefront cannot.

But a lot of that goes out the window if you spend too much on marketing and promotion–especially on marketing and promotion that doesn’t work. Instead of using the same trial-and-error approach used by many of your competitors, learn from the failures of others. These are low-cost, tried-and-true promotion methods.

Create simple, high-value content

It is difficult to master content marketing. Many high-cost professionals will tell you how to do it better. It all boils down to one concept: Give knowledge away free of charge and in a high-quality way that people are forced to buy your products.

It’s important to keep it simple to produce a variety of content types and still have enough time to promote them on social media. You want to be the source of information for all levels, from entry-level to expert-level in specialized fields, and build trust with buyers.

Get to know thought leaders

Nobody cares if you have a new line in boxing equipment. Many people who may be interested in your product already care about Tyson Fury, Joe Rogan and Amanda Nunez. You can attract attention from any of these people or their fans, and it will encourage others to get involved with your brand.

Look for celebrities and thought leaders who have social media accounts related to your work. Remember to informational authorities informational authorities wherever applicable. Engage in meaningful conversations on these feeds by replying to posts and asking questions. After some time, you can reach out to the authority or person to ask if they are willing to talk about your brand or mention you.

Optimize your Product Pages

Ryan Flanagan, content marketing powerhouse Nuanced Media says that optimized product pages lead to more sales than those with poor optimization. Optimizing includes the visible elements such as product photos, great descriptive copy, layout and product reviews. It also includes invisible elements that improve search performance on Google and within the sales landscape where your page is located, such as Amazon.

While the best practices for each site will differ, you can search “product page optimization ______” to see a complete list of 101 steps.

Add a Cart Abandonment message

These are the things you’ve seen in action. When shopping online, you can only go as far as adding items to your cart and then leaving the transaction. You might have changed your mind about the shipping cost, or your children dragged your computer away. You receive an email from the vendor asking you if you would like to complete your order. If the vendor is serious, they may offer a discount or a free item to encourage you to place your order.

These messages can be set up on any online sales platform. They are intuitive and simple to set up, even WordPress widgets if you sell on your website. Creating a unique offer that encourages buyers without reducing your profits is important. In a matter of weeks, you should be able to find the balance by doing some testing.

Build Your Funnel

The marketing funnel helps new leads go from knowing little about you to being able to choose the right product for them. You might need to have a blog, download a report and watch some videos. Or you might want to show a preview and place a preorder.

Sales funnels are most effective when designed from scratch. They should be well-organized and have a clear progression. Multiple funnels are even more effective: one for each product or line of products and one for each customer.

All companies have a sales funnel. It is possible to make your sales funnel more effective, intentional, and powerful. Have a look.


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