How to Maintain a Great Ecommerce User Experience (UX)?

You’ve probably been following our posts for the past few months and know that good user experiences are critical. We also explain how to evaluate your user experience and what ecommerce features can improve it. To ensure your customers have a pleasant, efficient, and effective experience, there are some best practices that you can use in addition to the information above. We will discuss the steps you can take to provide the best user experience.

Navigate intuitively

Even if you’re shopping online, no one likes to feel lost. You can make your customers feel as comfortable as possible by providing intuitive navigation. First, choose a template with navigation menus at obvious locations if you are using it as a template. Take a look at the example template and observe where your eyes go. Then, see if it helps you locate the navigation. When you are creating your menu, could you keep it simple? This means that you should not have more navigation menus than necessary and that your selections should be clear and concise.

These are some other tips to help you navigate.

  • To avoid cluttering the top of your page, use a drop-down/” Mega Menu“.
  • Nestle sub-categories in their respective categories
  • Add “breadcrumbs” to allow customers to trace their journey through this site

High-quality images of products are recommended

High-quality photos of your products are essential for the best UX. Images of high quality will show your products in the best and most accurate light. This is good for you as well as your customers. High-quality photos will show the quality of your product and give customers a better idea of what they are buying. Low-quality photos can be likened to customers walking into a physical shop and looking through a dirty window. Although they may find the perfect pair of shades, they won’t be able to tell what it is by what they see.

These are some other tips to help you create product images:

  • You can have more than one product image for each product
  • Take product photos from various angles
  • Each colour and variation should have a photo of the product
  • Enable zooming
  • Your photography style should be consistent

Include product videos

Your ecommerce site might not be able to replicate the experience of your customers picking up a product and viewing it in person. Still, it can look close by embedding well-made product videos on your product pages. Product videos help bring the product to life. They give your customers additional information that they might not have found in the product information and allow the customer to visualize what it would be like to own the product. You can also use them to improve your SEO rankings. Google and Bing include video snippets within their search results, and many searchers are drawn to them.

These are some helpful tips for product videos:

  • Could you not make them take too long?
  • You should ensure they are high-quality
  • Your videos should be brand
  • Your product should be the star of the show
  • Your style should be consistent

Make a clear call to action

Don’t leave the user to guess what next should be when you are ready to close the deal. Make it clear that you are calling for action, such as “Buy Now”, “Add to Cart,” and “Get a Quote.” Then make it easy to complete the action. Any purchasing incentives, such as free shipping or bulk discounts, should be offered. Be clear about any fees and other factors that could cause people to abandon your order. Ensure that the checkout process is simple, secure, and easy to follow, right through to the confirmation email and thank you page.

These are additional tips to help you make calls to action:

  • To encourage shoppers to “press” the primary CTAs, make them “buttons”.
  • Limit one primary CTA per webpage
  • Use action-oriented language
  • CTAs will stand out if you use contrasting colours

Make sure to have your contact information visible

You can be sure that customers will want to share their thoughts with you, whether they are asking questions or making comments. While a dedicated “Contact Us” page is a good start, you can improve your UX. You can also create a “Contact Us” page and place your contact information in your footer, so it is easy to find from any page. You can put your contact information wherever you like, provided it is visible and easily found.

These are some other tips to help you find contact information:

  • Display all information about “table stakes”, such as a business address, phone number and email address
  • You should always have someone on hand to answer customers’ questions by phone or email
  • Indicating business hours will help customers understand when they can expect a reply.


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