What is sustainable Ecommerce, and why your business should adopt it?

Sustainability is the new buzzword in multiple industries. It covers everything from clothing and manufacturing to agriculture and many other areas. Ecommerce businesses such as yours can also be sustainable. You can still make a difference for the planet by shopping online and minimizing waste from your customers.

Is it worth it to adopt a sustainable business model? How can you make your ecommerce business sustainable? We’ll discuss several reasons why green ecommerce strategies should be adopted as soon as possible.

What makes sustainability in ecommerce worthwhile?

It is a smart strategy to bring sustainability and eco-friendliness into your ecommerce company. Due to their spending habits and age, millennials are likely to make up a significant portion of your customer base.

Millennials are more concerned about eco-friendliness than any other major generation. They can and do choose companies based on their policies regarding green technology or shipping practices. Therefore, you must consider sustainability if you wish to increase your brand’s recognition and appeal to millennials. You can also prioritize sustainability for the following reasons:

  • 73% of consumers say they will change their consumption habits to reduce the environmental impact.
  • According to certain surveys, most respondents are willing to buy eco-friendly products wherever they can.

So, moving to sustainable ecommerce business practices can be beneficial for the planet and your bottom line.

How can you practice Ecommerce sustainability?

What if your ecommerce business isn’t able to move towards more sustainable practices? There are simple ways to make your ecommerce business more sustainable.

Shift to Eco-Friendly Shipping

You can first offer eco-friendly shipping methods. Instead of offering free shipping, you can offer climate-neutral shipping solutions for a fee, such as charging a small fee (usually less than 5%). DHL GoGreen and GLS Think Green offer climate-neutral shipping solutions for ecommerce companies just like yours.

Are you worried that your customers will penalize you for switching? You should reconsider. Customers will often accept paying shipping costs as long as their products arrive on time. Shipping with eco-friendly shipping companies could still be a good option for you and your bottom line.

Reducing Returns

Returns are a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions, and they also waste a lot of time. You should therefore take all steps to minimize returns on your ecommerce store. This is possible by:

  • If a customer isn’t home when the item is delivered, it is possible to have deliveries rerouted to a packing station.
  • When describing your products or taking photos of them, be as precise. This reduces the chance of customers returning products that aren’t as expected.
  • You cannot offer free returns. However, you need to be sure to make this change and also modify your shipping policy as described above.

Your ecommerce business will have a lower cost of shipping internationally and nationally by reducing returns. This will result in a reduction of greenhouse gases.

Install a recycling program

You might consider implementing a recycling program in your business. You and your employees can recycle aluminium cans, paper and other recyclable materials if you have a small ecommerce business.

Although it is not a large step in the long term, every little bit helps when we talk about saving the planet. Depending on how much you recycle, you may be eligible for a tax credit. Make sure you record all your recyclables with accounting software, including receipt tracking tools and expense tracking tools.

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